Hi there,

Are you a Stepparent? Or maybe you are Childless Not By Choice?

If one or both of these titles relate to you, it’s likely that you face some very specific challenges day to day. It’s also likely that you have very mixed feelings about your future and what lies in store for you.

Do you wonder why your life looks and feels so different to how you imagined it would? Do you feel like you’ve taken a different path and not necessarily one you chose? Do you feel somewhat lost and isolated? Perhaps you consider your future with dread, especially when even getting through this week may feel like an ordeal.

What if I told you that you could change that? What if I told you that you were deserving and capable of achieving a happier life both in the here and now and for your future? What if you took the first step towards this by simply beginning a conversation with me?

With love, Verity

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